MONDO has experienced unprecedented growth in the last decade in part due to the optimization of productive processes guaranteed by constant technological progress which makes it possible to further increase the range of available finishes and meet the requirements of designers and users in the best possible way.

Production Methods

Only after the cutting of a particular block of stone can the beauty and value of the individual slabs be accurately assessed.
For each and every slab that MONDO procures, only those with the most pleasing patterns are selected.

In this industry where the prerogatives of professional competence and creativity continue to be essential, MONDO works towards using specific technical knowledge to fully meet the demand for the most suitable and up-to-date products for our customers.

Over the years, MONDO has painstakingly gathered relevant technical knowledge gleaned from each and every stone type, which varies from how they are to be cut or polished to which kinds of finishes to employ.

Such knowledge can only come from experience and it provides MONDO with the ability to make specific decisions with regards to the processing of each stone. Utilizing technologically advanced machinery, each step in the production cycle is guided by expert craftsmen who ensure that the final products are of the highest quality.